• A sleep based meditation technique using a series of body, breath and awareness techniques.
  • Effortlessly takes you to a deep relaxation where you can change your relationship to pain, stressful situations and habits.
  • Release accumulated tension.
  • Combines benefits of meditation, relaxation, and intention. Clearing the root cause of unhelpful elements and belief systems.
  • Designed to disconnect from the thinking mind, reconnect with the feeling body. Fostering mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Assists with PTSD, Diabetes, Alzheimers, depression, stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, postpartum, brain trauma, stroke recovery, behavior modification and brings an awareness of self realization.
  • 40 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 3 hours of deep sleep.



Gaba (Body's version of Valium)

- Decreased anxiety

- Depression

- Muscle tension

- Cardiac stress



- Restful sleep

- Biorythms of the body

- Biological clock that determines aging process (amrita)


- Food for Hippocampus - memory and mood

- Decreased depression, tells you when you have had enough


- Pleasure hormone

- It creates feelings of calm, contentment and security, while reducing fear and anxiety. 

- Reduces pain


- Internal pain killer

- All-encompassing sense of happiness

- Reduce blood pressure

- Linked to anti-cancer


- Reward and focus

- Helpful for Parkinson's 


- Meditation dramatically boosts DHEA hormone levels. 

- Associated with aging

- Risk of heart attack

- Diabetes

- Cancer

- Osteoporosis

- Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Obesity

- Chronic fatigue

- Enhances memory

- Alleviates depression


Cortisol (also Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Lactate)

- Cortisol accelerates aging

- Decreases bone density

- Elevates blood pressure

- Suppresses thryroid function

- Weakened cognitive performance

- Causes blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia

- Decrease in muscle tissue

- Lowered immunity

- Increases inflammatory responses in the body

- Increases abdominal fat (which is related to many more health problems than fat deposited in other areas of the body)

- Related to heart attacks and strokes

- Increases levels of "bad" cholesterol (LDL)

- Decreases levels of "good" cholesterol (HDL)

- Reduced sensitivity to "fight/flight" hormones (takes more time to initiate response)

Synergistic Energy

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Julie is a Amrit Yoga Nidra facilitator who understands how this life changing practice balances excess tension, supports the immune system and allows healing to take place while the mind is turned off. Yoga Nidra is a sleep based meditation technique using a series of body, breath, and awareness tools. There is an effortless disengagement from the thinking mind, allowing you to enter the space between waking and sleeping. This releases healing potential of the body by removing the mind .... as in sleep.

Yes......Yoga nidra is Sleep-based!  Who doesn’t want permission to lay down and do nothing from 30-45 minutes? Yoga nidra takes you to deep sleep brainwaves, deeply restoring body and mind quickly. Some say 40 minutes of yoga nidra is the equivalent of three hours of ordinary sleep.

Come try this mindfulness meditation that assists in self-realization by allowing you to experience the self beyond the mind. Allowing you to become reintroduced to your soul in a state of Oneness with the Divine Source.