Hello Chambers Clinic Clients,

My name is Julie Sullivan and I am a holistic health practitioner, Doula, author, Usui Reiki Master, and a Reflexologist.

I will be providing Massage, Reflexology, Thai Foot Therapy, Reiki, and  Cranial Unwinding, at the Center. Please feel free to check out our website at www.synergistic-energy.com 

My intention for my clients is to provide a compassionate place where they feel relaxed and able to shift  into either just letting go for the moment, or maybe they are just needing to pamper their feet and  let go of stress held in the body. For others who are seeking inner clarity and desiring the dissolution of their energy blocks, needing direction in shifting forward on their path...........I hope to be an instrument in guiding them to reconnect with their inner self.  My goal is to help each unique client  see their truth, help them achieve their true potential and awaken their soul within.

Feeling a deep compassion for those in need has led me to providing Reiki and Reflexology at the Virginia Piper Cancer Center, as well as the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS . I have also previously enjoyed working in the spa setting at Dolce.

I am currently taking clients for my Doula business....Jules the Doula , and offer Prenatal massages at a discounted rate of $50.00 for all my Moms.

I look forward to meeting the clients of the Chambers Clinic and hope I can be a healthy addition to your lives.

Thank you,

Julie Sullivan